Do Our Doctors Shrug Out of Apathy or Are They Out of Ideas?

Apathetic Doctor Shrugging

One of the worst feelings when you have a rare or chronic disease is to see your doctor shrug. I feel for them. I do. With rare and chronic diseases, it’s often difficult to understand what to try next…. But is the shrug out of apathy, or out of ideas?

Are Dems trying to drag a dead person around?

Joe Biden

The non-results of the Iowa caucuses makes me ponder if the Dems REALLY don’t want Bernie Sanders to be their nominee.

Arguably, this will be the second time that the Dems have prevented Bernie from being the nominee. If you remember, Bernie would have been the nominee for the 2016…

Imagine your favorite fruit — or vegetable(!) at its peak of ripeness captured in a glass

When I first moved to California, my experience with wine was limited. Living in California, though, provides an easy education in the subject — almost through osmosis! Taking a weekend trip to Sonoma or the Napa Valley was a common occurrence for my husband and I.

We’d covet each sip…

Cheryl Scoledge

Chemical and Quality Engineer, experienced with Medical Institutional Review Boards, Web Design and Marketing. Passion for Health, Pets, Cooking and Winemaking.

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